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20MinuteGarden PODCAST: Penguicon 2015

20 Minute Jim and 20 Minute Jan discuss some of the highlights of Penguicon 2015 ( mostly, though not exclusively from the Eco track of programming.

Topics include:

— Consent is not restraint; it’s constitutive of a safe, creative atmosphere to explore new interests. It’s the exact opposite of surveillance culture;

— Conflict in the Garden: (our presentation which will be released as a separate podcast)

— 12 Uses for 5-Gallon Buckets in the Garden:

— How to make Kids Fall in Love with Gardening:

— Beekeeping (daniel eakins)

— OpenSoda (

— Vermiculture

— Dream life, cutting edge medical prosthetics, polyphasic sleep hacking…

Plus: various life lessons learned from Con life.

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