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Do Good while Doing It Yourself with this Humble Bundle

Cold has returned to the Midwest which has prompted me to blow the dust off my work bench and get busy indoors. If you are searching for do it yourself projects to fill these dark chilly hours, check out this Humble Bundle of books from Make. We at 20MinuteGarden are great fans of both Humble Bundle and Make.

How does Humble Bundle work?
You can pay what you want for digital books. Sure, they got famous for games but we’ve bought mostly their book bundles. You get to decide how much to pay and you also get to decide how much goes to the creators of the content and how much goes to a designated charity. If you pay more than $15, you unlock two more titles and if you pay more than the average, you unlock even more titles. All this content is completely DRM-free, which appeals to my open source soul.

This bundle focuses on titles from Make, one of the great exponents of the Maker movement. Sure, you might already subscribe to Make: magazine or you might already have some of these books. But the joy of these bundles is to get copies of works that I probably didn’t know I wanted. I’ve got my eye on the “Vintage Tomorrows” and the “Lost Knowledge” but I’m also curious about the “Home Forensic Science” and “Bicycle Projects.” Knowing Make, there has got to be at least some tidbit of wonder in each of the books too.

The kicker for me is that this Make-focused Humble Bundle meets my “cheapskate” price for digital books. I really can’t convince myself to pay more that $1 for ebooks… which means I really don’t buy many. With this Bundle, $15 will get you 16 titles with more on the way.

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