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Garden Inventory 2015

Plant Sets

The 2015 Garden is in the ground and ready to grow! Here’s what we’ve planted so far:

Cuor di Buoi (Project Grow) — Red — Oxheart — 80 days
Dunneaux (Project Grow) — Red — Paste — late
Costolutto Genovese (Project Grow) — Red — Saladette — Mid
Stupice (Project Grow) — Red — Saladette — Early
Purple Russian (Project Grow) — Purple — Paste — Mid/late
Cherokee Purple (Project Grow) — Purple — Beefsteak — Mid/late. Popular dark tomato; tasty.
Saucy (Project Grow) — Red — Paste — Mid. Extremely productive bush plants
Brandywine Tomato (Farmers’ Market) — 90 -100 days
Roma Tomato (Farmers’ Market) — 76 days
Black Prince (Farmers’ Market) — 70-90 days
Japanese Trifele (Farmers’ Market) — 85 days

Corno di Toro (Farmers Market) — 68-72 days
Jalapeño (Farmers Market)– 65-75 days
Ancho Hot Peppers (Farmers’ Market) — Green 68 days; Red 93
California Wonder (Project Grow) — 70 days
Sweet Pimento (Project Grow) — 80 days
Bull’s Horn Mix (project Grow) — 80 days

Table Ace Squash (Farmers’ Market) — 70-78 days
Extra Triple Curled Parsley (Farmers’ Market) — 75 days
Raider Cucumber (Farmers’ Market) — 62 days
Little Fingers Eggplant (Farmers’ Market) — 71 days
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash (Farmers’ Market) — 82-97 days
Sugar Baby Watermelon (Farmers’ Market) — 73-86 days
Italian Green Sprouting Broccoli (Farmers’ Market) — 70 days
Santo Coriander (Farmers’ Market)
Gem Marigold (Farmers’ Market)
Disco Red Marigold (Farmers’ Market)
Disco Yellow Marigold (Farmers’ Market)
Large Leaf Italian Basil

Black raspberries
Black currants
Red currants
Pippen Apple (2)
Roxbury Russet Apple
Sage, thyme, rosemary, lovage, mint…

I’ll add on what I’ve forgotten as I remember!

Here’s to another great gardening season!

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