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Support the Ypsilanti Farmers’ Market — NOW!

Help put a roof on the Tuesday Ypsilanti Farmers’ Market to make it weather-resistant and year-round. Contribute at Patronicity NOW to help Growing Hope get a $65,000 matching grant.

Jan and I are big-time kitchen gardeners but even we don’t grow all our own vegetables. We’d need an acre or two just for the onions we consume. Thank goodness for farmer’s markets like the Ypsilanti Farmers’ Market. We’ve hit the Tuesday Farmer’s Market right in downtown Ypsilanti off and on for the past year and are always impressed with the variety of goods and the zeal of the vendors. Since this is Michigan, however, the Tuesday Farmer’s Market only opens in May and the first few Tuesdays so far this year have been rainy. We were over-joyed to hear about Growing Hope’s plans to build a permanent structure. Help make this facility a reality with a couple bucks and if you do so this weekend, the project can get a matching grant which will make your contribution go twice as far. They’re offering some nice perks too. We contributed at the “Kale” level and are getting a tote bag.

I’m embarrassed to admit I learned of this campaign so late, last night in fact, mere days before it closes. Jan and I were milling around the Ypsilanti First Friday festivities, taking in the landscapes and still life paintings of Megan Williamson at the Chin-Azarro gallery, when I spied someone in a full sized pea costume. Life is more interesting when you get a chance to talk to people in costume from time to time so I stuck up a conversation. Though we were late hearing about the campaign, it only takes a minute or two to make a difference.

Take Away Lessons:
— Support Ypsilanti’s Tuesday Farmers’ Market shelter out the elements
— Attend the Ypsilanti First Friday events
— Talk to Giant Peas

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