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Gardening Presentations at Penguicon 2015

This coming weekend is Penguincon 2015, and we’re very excited to attend once again. What is Penguicon? Penguicon is defines itself as a not-for profit, community run convention for open source software, science fiction, music, gaming, DIY and more. I’ve attended 3 Penguicons in the past, and I can say without hesitation that it’s educational, inspiring, and just plain fun.

This year marks a milestone for me: I’ve had a goal of participating at Penguicon which I’ll meet by making three gardening-related presentations.

Here is my presentation schedule:

Friday 5pm: Conflict in the Garden

Saturday 5pm: 12 Uses for a 5 Gallon Bucket in the Garden

Sunday 2pm: How to Get Kids to Fall in Love with Gardening

Details to follow!

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