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Memories, Moving and the Old Barn

While cleaning up at the “old house”, we came across a sketchbook of Laura’s from her middle school days. In the sketchbook was this sketch of the Old Barn in all its crooked glory.

Barn Sketch

Actually, I think her drawing glorifies the barn a bit, presenting it straighter than it really was. What I like best about her picture are the hinges, nails and pieces of wood. The barn did have the look of being somewhat cobbled together. I also like the electrical wires in the air.

I miss the old barn sometimes, although the new barn is a fantastic structure that we so appreciate. Where the old barn was charming, the new barn is sturdy and practical. The old barn had character, and the new barn has storage and a cement floor. Memories sweeten the past, and they help us to appreciate the delicious now.

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