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A Hawk on Second Street

Hawk on Second Street

It’s not unusual to spot hawks hunting or perching in the trees along the highway outside of town, especially in the fall when the bare branches provide no camouflague. It was a little bit surprising to see this hawk in a neighbor’s tree on Second Street. Our residential neighborhood is three blocks from Main Street, with lots of parked cars and regular comings and goings. Hawks are not regular visitors here.

Did you see him? He’s right here.

Hawk on Second Street annotated

It’s not a great picture. I was trying to snap a few shots, getting closer with each click, but I was worried about scaring him away.

Then I saw the two baby squirrels attempting to hide the same tree. Talk about scared; they were positively shivering.

I had to head off to work, so I couldn’t stay to protect them. It appears they survived that encounter because I’ve seen them scampering about the yards in the time since.

But I’ve also seen the hawk again. He seems to think this neighborhood is a good one to hang around.

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