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In Praise of Silly Grins

At a certain point last night while sitting at the Wolverine State Brewing Co., I realized there was an extremely silly grin plastered on my face that I was unable and quite unwilling to remove. Contributing factors included:

• the glass of “Basement Fire” (a chili-infused, smoked malt lager) that I was sipping;
• the band Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellies who were smoking through a set of thoroughly modern bluegrass;
• my beloved 20MinuteJan who sat at my side, tapping her foot.

My goofy expression and all its preconditions appeared as an unexpected stop on a leisurely walk through the balmy twilight. It’s always seasonable to be grateful but Spring means our evening strolls hold greater potential for many such felicitous grin-fests.

What simple things give you a silly grin? What treasured spots are close enough that you can walk to them? What chance activities mean Spring to you? Don’t be embarrassed to share.

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