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Reasons to Garden: Finding Surprising Things

According to the BBC, a woman in Sweden recently found the wedding ring that she lost 16 years ago on a carrot growing in her garden. The ring, which she designed herself, went missing from her kitchen in 1995, when she removed it to do Christmas baking.

She’d long given up hope of finding it again. She was pulling up carrots when she noticed the gold band wrapped around a small one. How fabulous is that?

My discoveries haven’t been momentous but are still exciting to me. In 1982, the first year we gardened in Ann Arbor, I found a small Yoda figurine when double-digging the vegetable bed. We continue to find interesting objects in our garden. Even now, we find interesting bits and pieces — mostly broken glass– every season. We cannot count on finding things in garden, but the discoveries keep things interesting.

What’s the best thing you’ve found in the garden?

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