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Sun Chip Compostable Bag Experiment Update- 90 Days

One of the things I love most about composting is that it’s one of the few activities you can be doing, without actually doing anything. Unlike making dinner or doing laundry or balancing the checkbook or working, composting is an ongoing activity for which you get full credit, whether you are thinking about it or not.

That being said, the Sun Chip Compostable Bag experiment sort of slipped my mind for a while. Sure, back in March when it was too early to get out in the garden and plant or weed or harvest, the compost pile was the light of my gardening life so I gave it a lot of thought and attention. Then the garden kicked into gear and, other than regular feedings of kitchen scraps, the compost has been left to its own devices. Which is sort of the point after all.

The other day when I was out in the garden with the camera, I thought of the Sun Chips Bag experiment. I dug around in the compost bin and snapped the picture above. The Sun Chips Bag is still there, but it is looking a bit more decomposed than in previous pictures. The bag got a bit torn up when I was digging around to find it, and the material seems more easily ripped. Compared to Day 1,

the Sun Chips Bag is definitely making progress breaking down after 90 days in our home compost bin; it’s just not there yet.

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