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Tuesday Night at the Movies: Basil and Tomatoes

Two of my very favorite kitchen garden plants are basil and tomatoes. They go together so well in the kitchen, in sauces, pesto, sandwiches, bruschetta and many other dishes. They also make a pretty combination growing together in the garden, with their different leaves and textures. Moreover, if you follow the principles of companion planting, you may know that tomato and basil are friends; they like growing together. Some folks theorize that they actually help each other grown. My experience supports that idea so I happen to agree.

Here’s a view of the tomatoes and basil from last year. You can see that we use a lt of mulch and that we plant them close enough so that they create a green canopy that discourages weeds from sprouting up. Try the active link above if you can’t see the video below.

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