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Spirea Tour 2010

To me, nothing says “spring” on the Old West Side like bounteous spirea shrubs in full bloom dotting the front yards.

This year, I am feeling rather triumphant in my foresight in making my Spirea Tour yesterday, with camera in hand. That means I have documented evidence of how gorgeous these shrubs are at their peak.

Tonight we are having thunderstorms in our area, and a tornado watch has just come to an end. There’s a wind advisory in place for tomorrow. All of that doesn’t bode well for the spirea blossoms staying attached to the bushes. I’m glad I photographed them when I did; last year, I wasn’t so lucky. 2010, however, proved glorious.

Here’s a little walking tour slide show of the spirea in the immediate area. I walked around the block, pointing and clicking… and smiling and sniffing. Spirea has a lovely scent.

Don’t look at the uncut lawns or the un-weeded flower beds, by the way. Or dandelions– specifically my dandelions. No one had time to stage the scenes.

And don’t notice that some of our houses need some paint or whatever. Houses are a challenge to keep up with, aren’t they? And 100 year old plus houses, even more so. Just concentrate on the spirea.

The blossoms given even the humblest home a touch of class.

I love the huge, hanging branches, drooping under the weight of all those flowers.

Even bushes that have been trimmed or shaped are beautiful. Spirea is very forgiving.

From the sidewalk…

Or up close…

Spirea welcomes spring in style.

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  1. peanut_the_pup says

    Thanks for the spirea. They remind me of my childhood home. Spirea bordered the entire front of the house. I used to love to shake the branches and see the bushes make ‘flower snow.’

  2. Jardinier says

    ‘Flower snow’ is a great image!

    This year, I’ve paid more attention to how long and how firmly the petals stay attached to the bushes. It’s longer than I thought.
    Today’s rain, however, is coming down steadily, and the bushes are snowing!

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