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Compost Experiment Day 18: Sun Chips Bag

Here’s a particularly gooey compost pile picture with the Sun Chips Compostable Bag.

We’re 2.5 weeks into the Sun Chips Compostable Bag experiment . Our compost pile is definitely heating up with the change in weather and temperature. There’s noticeable compaction in the last month; before the end of the frosty season, the contents of the container reached right up to the top. Now there’s about 4 or 5 inches of space. We’ve also been adding kitchen scraps very regularly since the trek to the back of the yard is an easy one in the lovely spring weather.

I’m not sure how to access the breakdown of the bag so I’m playing it by ear. It doesn’t look different yet, but perhaps the material is less crinkly? Maybe I’m imaging it. If compostable chip bags wore t-shirts, this one would be appropriate.

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3 Responses

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  1. peanut_the_pup says

    I admire people for whom compost is a joyful thing 🙂

  2. Jardinier says

    Sometimes I’m almost embarrassed by my love for compost! — almost, but not quite, because composting is such an amazing process and such a benefit for our garden.

  3. teacherpatti says

    I like composting too! It makes me feel not so bad when I don’t eat my veggies ‘cuz I’m not really wasting them…they are going to be used for my garden 🙂