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Hello Buds

They’re back…

Last Sunday, while the weather was so very nice and Jim was out in the yard brewing beer, he also did some raking and general clean up work. When he pulled back the leaf mulch from over the rhubarb, we found the little shoots were already gathering strength and preparing to make their debut.

Rhubarb is an impressively hearty plant. We haven’t had many warm days yet– it’s only March! — but our rhubarb is making the most of the good weather. As previously noted, rhubarb makes itself very at home where it is planted so make sure you plant it where you want it to grow… for a long, long time.

Also making its appearance was our horseradish. It’s another impressively hearty plant. I swore that these shoots grew noticeably during their long day in the sun.

I’m excited about getting fresh rhubarb and horseradish from the garden in the near future. I have some new plans up my sleeve that involve each of them, likely in separate recipes.

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  1. peanut_the_pup says

    I love this time of the year, too. It’s so exciting when plants start to show signs of life!

  2. Jardinier says

    At this time of year, daily changes are so easy to spot– before the plants get too big. We see something new or different every day, from the tiny plants coming up to the variations in the green shade of the grass.