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Sweetwaters & Coffee Grounds for Garden Goodness

One of our local coffee shops, Sweetwaters, does a nifty, generous, earth-loving thing on a regular basis.

Sweetwaters packages up the used coffee grounds in the large bags that their beans come in and puts them out for customers to take home to feed their gardens, indoor plants, or compost piles. Whenever we see a bag or two available, we are happy to pick them up and bring them home. Coffee grounds and paper filters break down pretty fast and are excellent additions to our compost piles.

We drink coffee at home too, and we habitually put the grounds in our compost. For a while, I was organized and conscientious enough to bring home grounds from the coffee hour at church too. Imagine if people made the effort to practice in their institutions, like school and work and church, the good habits they undertake at home, like recycling, reducing, reusing… and composting. Like all “little” bits of change and effort, the effect adds up. We need to be watching for ways to make our own small contributions. The opportunities are out there; we just need to notice them and then make habits of them.

And to acknowledge small acts of kindness, like Sweetwaters taking care of the earth by not putting coffee ground into the landfill wast system and instead taking the time to package up those grounds “for garden goodness,” as they put it.

Thanks, Sweetwaters!

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