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Imported used to mean something, she says in her most curmudgeonly tone of voice…

“Imported” was rare, or unusual, or special in some way. At this time in history, due to our global economy or world market forces or whatever, many of the produces we see in stores are imported. Our fresh vegetables come from Peru or Mexico, our fish from Bangladesh or Viet Nam, housewares from China or Taiwan. Some of the formerly imported cars are mostly or completely manufactured in the US. We are used to labels or signs that tell us our purchases have traveled greater distances than most of us will in our lifetimes. None of this is surprising anymore.

Kenya Simba Lion Coffee

Nonetheless, I was surprised and delighted when someone I love (our daughter) brought something we love (coffee) from her recent trip to Kenya all the way back home to Michigan. She bought it in a store using local currency. She made room in her luggage for it and carried it through customs and inspections. She gave it to us with her own hands. That kind of importing is utterly amazing!

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