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We have a Dozen Words for Snow: #7 “Snow Shower”

(20-Minute Jim) I was driving to work last week, just after a big snowfall. The roads were clear but not all the sidewalks had been dug out and the snow plows had made huge mountains of snow alongside the road. As I came up on an intersection where I intended to turn right, a pedestrian was standing smack dab in the middle of the right turn lane. Given those piles of snow, it would have been very difficult to locate, let alone excavate, the curb.

But what was most interesting to me was not where the woman was standing but what she was holding, namely an umbrella. It was snowing, of course. All that extra moisture in the air from the climate crisis has made it snow at least a little for days. But there was something poetically just about the kind of snow that was falling that made it seem appropriate to use an umbrella. The flakes were falling straight down without the wind scattering them – so it wasn’t a “flurry.” The number of flakes that were falling was steady but hardly a “storm.” It was clearly a “snow shower.”

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