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Growing Onions from Discarded Onion Bottoms

Jim sent me this link from Lifehacker, which was a post from the Instructables site on how it’s possible and easy to grow onions from old onion bottoms.

Sounds like a dare, doesn’t it? Sure, I’m game. Since it will be a couple months still before our soil is ready for digging around in, we’ll try growing some onions inside using the method suggested.

Rather than fishing for said discarded onion bottoms in the compost bin, I decided to play sous chef and chop up 6 or 7 onions at one go in order to have the bottoms to plant. I rarely prep that way in the kitchen, but when I was shopping at the big grocery store last week, I came across quart-sized pre-chopped onions in the produce section. Hey, thought I, that container of onions costs waaay too much money for the convenience, but I bet it would be handy to have some onions always ready to roll. So far, it has been easy to toss a handful of onions into the pan when making eggs or Jim’s savory oats– a step we’d likely skip in those cases, if the onions hadn’t been all ready ahead of time.

We had a planter of soil in the house from a previously unsuccessful winter-time growing experiment, so I only needed to add a little more soil and work some water into the dry dirt. Once the pot was dampened, I pushed the onion tops into the dirt and covered them up.

Now I’ll wait and see what happens. To be continued…

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