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4 Reasons to Grow Horseradish

If you aren’t growing horseradish, maybe you should reconsider your resistance. Here’s why:

1. Horseradish is super easy to grow.
Horseradish grows from roots that you can purchase at garden stores or online from places like Gurney (where we purchased ours) or many other sites. Roots are planted in holes deep enough to put the root end down and the bud end at ground level. Our horseradish stands about 18 inches tall at its peek.

2. Horseradish is hardy.
In our garden, no predators bother horseradish. No nibblers, no diggers. Since horseradish is a very hardy perennial, you’ll want to make a firm decision about where to plant your horseradish roots– because it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to move later.

3. Horseradish is pretty.
It’s a surprisingly lovely plant. Horseradish is cute when it comes up in the spring, and by summer, our horseradish patch provides a nice dark green camouflage around our rain barrel support.

4. Horseradish is good to eat.
We prepare horseradish by peeling it, grating it, and then mixing it with a small amount of vinegar. Prepared horseradish will keep for 4 to 6 months in the refrigerator. We use our horseradish most often as an accompaniment to meat. We also mix it with mayonnaise to make a creamy horseradish sauce that is good for sandwiches too. I have set a culinary goal for myself this summer to make homemade cocktail sauce using our tomatoes and horseradish. And perhaps chili sauce. I’ll post my recipes later, depending on their success.

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