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Changes and Things to Do

Spring is upon us, bringing a sense of brooding excitement and steady change. For the last couple weeks, cold– both the temperature and the illness– has played havoc with our gardening plans. A snow storm, a snow day, lots of rain, and each of us suffering from 10 day plus worth of cold symptoms has meant little time outside.

Even so, change happens. Just observe.

Backyard in Spring

Backyard in Spring

The first notable change is the color. Only a few weeks ago, the grass was nearly the same color as the mulch on the garden beds. Days of rain and sunshine have given the grass a healthier green color. Yep, we’ll be mowing soon.

The most exciting change in place is our new fence at the back of the lot. Jim designed it, so that the scalloped shape echoes the other circular shapes of our garden beds and paths. I think it’s very distinctive and even lovelier in real life than I had imagined. We used cedar for its longevity and resistance to decay. Our yard feels much more private and defined.

Yesterday, we were poised on the brink of getting a few things done in the yard. Jim went inside to change into cooler clothes because the day was heating up. In the 10 minutes he was inside and I was outside talking to his mom in the yard, dark grey storm clouds rolled up, obscuring the sun and our plans for the day. We hustled ourselves inside just in time to watch the heavens open for a brief but drenching downpour. We didn’t make it outside again to do any real work, but the rain-freshened air was absolutely wonderful.

It’s hard not to look at the garden and see the tremendous list of “Things to do” waiting for us there. I have to remind myself that it’s only April, it’s still early, and there’s a lot of time for gardening still to come this year.


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