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Think Spring! (But don’t put the shovel away yet!)

Ah, Michigan! Land of lakes and surprises! Just when we thought it was safe to start thinking about of digging and planting, whammo!

Snow Day April 6, 2008

Snow Day April 6, 2008

The upside is that we got a Snow Day from school. We spent the day resting and recharging, and that felt very good. The gift of a day off is always something for which to be thankful.

The last snow of the season seems to catch everyone by surprise, but we know it’s coming. When our son Will was just a baby, a friend with the same birthday told us that it always snows at least once after their birthday, which is April 4. It seemed impossible, yet 23 years have proven her statement: In Michigan at least, it always does snow at least once after April 4. The snow doesn’t always stick and very rarely does it merit a snow day, but snow is snow. And it’s here for just a little longer.

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