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Winter still lingers in Michigan. Today we have a few desperate snow flakes attempting to land on the still-frozen ground, and scattered snow mounds huddle in the shadows in houses and trees. It can only mean that spring is right around the corner! Now is the right time to be thinking and planning for the garden, and a great time to learn from other gardeners. We’ve been enjoying gardening information sent via email by the Park Seed Company. When nothing’s growing outside, it’s fun to be reminded that that will change in just a few weeks or months, as the case may be.

It’s nice to see a commercial site packed with information that will help both the novice and experienced gardener. There’s a garden blog associated with the main site that contains hints, advice and contests. In the blog and in their emails, Park Seed’s “Know Before You Grown” series offers basic knowledge about tomatoes, for example. From choosing a variety, to how to start, to when to start, growing tips, and heads-up about pests and problems, their pages gather a wealth of information into one handy place. Add them to your list of sites to visit in this season of preparation.

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