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Cast Iron Lust: Two Things I Want

I have my eye on two pieces of cast iron cookware. Their presence in my kitchen would make my life more complete, I’m sure, but Jim and I are attempting to evaluate the intake of stuff in our lives, with an eye toward the future. That is certainly a challenge for us modern Americans, with our roomy houses, stockpiled stores, and shopping habits. We are trying to imagine living in a smaller space (it might happen sometime) and having only the essentials (which means defining what “the essentials” are).

Meanwhile, a girl can dream. My cast iron dreams include:

1. Cast Iron Bacon or Steak Press.

Cast Iron Bacon Press
Just the sight of this press makes me hear a delicious, sizzling sound! Short order cooks use presses like these to make flat bacon and evenly done steaks so I think we should too. I’m sure Laura Ingalls Wilder and other pioneer women had them too.

2. Cast Iron Bread Pans
Cast Iron Bread Pan
Our cast iron pan makes a lovely crust for cornbread (recipe soon to follow) so I can only imagine that this cast iron bread pan will make an excellent crust on bread. The even heat of cast iron would be perfect for bread baking too. Again, what pioneer cook could ask for more?

Like all cast iron, these designs are durable and useful. Properly cared for, cast iron cookware can last long enough to be passed down to children and grandchildren. Will these pieces find their way into our kitchen in 2009? I hope so! Stay tuned to find out.

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