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Loving Cast Iron

When you think of “Cast Iron Cookware,” what are the first things that come to your mind?

Cast Iron Skillet

Hard to care for?

That’s just not true and I hope to convince you otherwise!

Cast iron cookware is different than other types of pans but that’s part of its beauty. I must admit that I used to harbor reservations about cast iron cookware a long time ago (*see list above for more details), but over the years, I’ve grown to love and appreciate cast iron pans.

What’s so great about cast iron? It’s durable, not expensive, distributes heat evenly, good for stove top and oven, easy to clean when you know how, and did I mention durable? As in pass on to your children and grandchildren durable.

Since it is winter time in Michigan and gardening is more something interesting to think about than something to do, I’m going to write a series of posts on cast iron cookware. Watch for upcoming posts on where to find cast iron treasures, seasoning cast iron, cleaning cast iron like a pioneer, as well as some of our favorite recipes made using cast iron cookware.

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