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Raspberry Daiquiris

We first made raspberry daiquiris a couple summers ago, after a neighbor mentioned that that is what he did with his black raspberries. As fond as we are of pie, we decided we could sacrifice some of our berries to try out his recipe.

Black Raspberries

Not surprisingly, raspberry daiquiris are a fantastic treat. Sweet, tangy, cold, refreshing, with just a little bit of crunch (seeds) in the bottom.

Our neighbor left the recipe on our answering machine, and I’ll transcribe it here for all to share. Be warned that they pack more punch than you taste. Jim claims they might have hallucinogenic properties, that result in weird dreams, but there is no data to back up that theory.

Raspberry Daiquiris
courtesy of the Daiquiri Help Line

1. Fill the blender with raspberries. Mush them up.

2. Add crushed ice to fill the container. Mush them up to make a slush.

3. Then add the juice of one lime, 4 shots of run (they use dark rum; we use whatever we might have on hand) and 1 tablespoon of sugar (they use Splenda; we use sugar, sometimes a little more)

4. Blend. Taste. Adjust as needed. Enjoy!

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