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Old Barn Memories

We took down our old barn almost two years ago. Demolition and replacement for the barn was a difficult decision to make because there were so many things we liked about the old barn. The old barn was charming and unique and an antique, in additional to being drafty, damp, impractically small, and so short that Jim had difficulty standing up inside on the ground floor and had to crawl on hands and knees almost to go up to the second floor at all. The fact that the old barn might fall down, sooner rather than later, also added some motivation to our decision.

One of the barns very best points, however, was that it was very picturesque. Even in destruction, the lines and shadows of the wood made for impressive pictures.

Our Old Barn

Our friend and neighbor Michael Smith took that picture. He captured some of the barn’s best sides in his photography. You can check out the whole set on his flickr page.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to witness the demise of the old barn or are feeling in the mood for a little destruction, you may want to watch the following:

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