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Bargain Sage

We picked up two more sage plants from the garden center last week. The herbs were 50% off so those are very hard to pass up. We’ve have good luck with herbs purchased from the “last chance” shelf, especially perennials; after they have a chance to settle in and grow, it’s hard to tell that they were once the runts of the litter.

We like to use sage in cooking, and we like the look of sage in the garden. The Blue Sage that Jim planted last year is thriving. We added two additional sage plants in the same bed. One is a Golden Sage and the other is Pineapple Sage. Along with our Blue Sage, we have a nice cluster of herbs in that part of the garden.

The Pineapple Sage plant was looking a little worn just after planting, as you can see in the picture, but I’m fairly sure it will recover from the drama of being on the cut-out shelf in a short time. It has a really lovely scent, and I’m excited about using it in some usual recipes I’m collecting, like salsa, chicken and a smoothie. After I get a chance to try them out, I’ll post them here to share.

The Golden Sage and Blue Sage will find themselves in some traditional recipes, like casseroles and stuffing. They are interchangeable with “regular” sage, although their colors do add a point of interest in the garden.

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  1. myra patterson says

    This is my first year to have pineapple sage and it has done really well! I just harvested this morning, and I don’t know what to use it in! please help with any recipes or suggestions. I have a ton of it! thanks. myra

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