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The House Versus The Garden

It’s the time of year when we could almost live in the garden. Almost. Certainly not when it’s raining and/or storming, which has happened quite a lot so far this summer. Not during the 10am until 2pm window, when pale Jim and even not-so-pale me would likely fry under the directly overhead sun. Or when the mosquitoes are bad, which they are this summer as a result of all the rain. But other than those times, we’d certainly like to be spending a lot more time outside in the garden.

Ripe Black Raspberries

If it wasn’t for the House.

What began as an innocent and well-intentioned idea of renovating the smaller of the two smallest rooms in the house has rather quickly snowballed into a colossal time and energy vacuum. Did I mention that these renovations are entirely necessary? That they will be both marvelously lovely and totally functional? That they really could not be postponed much longer? Yes, it’s all true. The new bathroom will be a delight when it’s finished.

Even with the renovations going in fits and starts, we have managed to spend some time in the garden.

Rose Blossoms

The new roses get watered every morning.

Eggplant with blossom

Plants are getting monitored and assessed. Look at the lovely blossom on this eggplant, despite the “pin hole” pattern from flea beetles. You’ve got to admire a plant that doesn’t let the little buggers slow it down!

We’ve been picking berries too, which have resulted in the production of one pretty good Black Raspberry pie!

Black Raspberry Pie

Maybe it doesn’t have to be a war after all. If we can keep a balance this summer between the House and the Garden, we can manage a win-win situation: improved indoor plumbing and a good harvest. I’m hoping we can.

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