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The Garden Up Close

Earlier this week, I successfully engaged in some good, old-fashioned bartering with my teen-aged daughter. She was hoping for a ride — another ride– somewhere, and promised an exchange: she would take a couple dozen pictures of anything in the garden with her new digital camera, and I would transport her to her destination.

She has taken a photography class and, being the artsy kind of person she is, has a good eye for taking pictures. My favorites were the close-ups she took of various garden members, some that we’ve planted and others who have chosen to grow in our yard, if only for the time being.

Tomato Bloom

Tomato Blossom

Tomato Blossom

Tomatoes have such delicate little flowers. It’s amazing that something big and red and delicious can come from something so dainty and yellow.

Lovage going to seed
The lovage is going to seed. I will save some to dry this year.

Oh so pretty. I’m not sure what these are, but I don’t have to know to appreciate their beauty.

Hmm, don’t know how this one got in here. It’s certainly not from our yard!

The up-close view provides a different perspective on the things we see every day.
Even for art on a stick.

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  1. gardenfaerie says

    Hmmm, with those close-ups, I can just smell the tomato foliage! Someone ate my lovage. I think it may be rabbits.
    ~ Monica

  2. bennettnathanael says

    The purpley- blueish flowers are called Bachelor’s Buttons