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Vacationing Away

We scooted out of town yesterday on a 4-day jaunt to Cincinnati. Although we first planned the trip 9 months ago, we were almost caught unaware by the sudden arrival of our departure date. We hastily made arrangements for a friend to pick up mail, another friend to pick up our daughter when she gets back to town ahead of us, and a car to be repaired whilst we were gone.

We left the garden to its own devices.

I hope the garden behaves. At this time of year, four days isn’t too long of a time to leave a fully planted garden alone.
Garden 2005 with old barn
A retrospective image: The Garden 2005

We’ve had sufficient rain lately. We mulched with grass clippings the day before we left. Plants that needed it already have been staked. Everything should be fine until we return. I’m excited to see what changes have taken place.

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