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After the Big Rain

It’s been a hard to week for a gardener, although a very good week for the garden. We’ve had five days of rain and, when it’s not been raining, it’s been 85 to 90 degrees F. The garden is ecstatic. The garden is thrilled. The gardener is wilted and soggy.

When the clouds momentarily paused in their saturation mission, I slipped outside to survey the garden. Some of our plants are joyously happy and have doubled in size this week. We’ve gone from a garden with baby plants to one with plants approaching late childhood. There are hints of gangliness to come in the tomatoes and the squash. Real summer is just around the corner.

Blue Sage Plant
Here’s the lovely blue sage that Jim planted last year.

Brandywine Tomato
Our brandywine tomatoes have gotten much stockier.

Raspberries ripening
Our black raspberry bushes are loaded with green berries. This bodes well for a successful July harvest. And pies. And the black raspberry daiquiris a neighbor taught us how to make.

Horseradish in Bloom
Horseradish in bloom delights me. The flowers smell surprisingly sweet.

Roxbury Russet Apples
One of the nicest garden surprises this year: our Roxbury Russet apple tree– has apples! We’re hoping that we can help the apples outwit the ravages of squirrels, birds and insects until harvest time.

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