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Another Way of Looking at 20 Minutes

Stuart Robinson, the host of the nifty gardening website Blotanical, has an inspiring post on the 20 minute theme. If you are feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed or too tired after a day at work to take on the garden, you might find that a quick glance over his list could provide the jumpstart you need to get a little something done.

51 things to do in the garden in 20 minutes or less is a great list to get you brainstorming about all the tasks that can be accomplished in just a little time with just a little effort.

Blotanical is a great site to explore and learn about what gardeners around the world are up to. The map features like the one of the United States are handy for locating gardens in your area too. I recently found The Garden Faire, local garden blogger in my town, through the map. Blotanical is also a fun site to keep visiting because it’s evolving into a more interesting and interactive place for gardeners all the time. We were faved by Sheila last week and that was really exciting. When I figure out all the features at Blotanical, I’m going to do some faving of my own.

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