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Holy Frost Advisories, Batman!

Over Memorial Weekend, the temperature in southeast Michigan reached 80F. We wore hats and sunblock while gardening. We paused to rest and stop sweating in the shade whenever convenient. In the evening, I had to get the box fan from basement storage so that we could cool our bedroom down enough to sleep.

Frost Advisory News Story

Then yesterday we had overnight Frost Advisories in effect, a full week after our “last frost” date.

When Jim came home bringing warnings of frost, we set about covering the more delicate plants in the garden– the tomatoes and peppers specifically. We used the equipment on hand: empty plastic garbage cans fit over already-caged tomatoes, garbage can lids set on top of other cages. We got out 2 tarps to put over the long row of tomatoes and basil plants. We carried inside the seedlings that still need planting *ahem* and the potted rosemary. We spent at most 20 minutes getting ready for a possible frost.

This morning, we woke to visible FROST on the car and in the yard. We were happy that we avoided ruin by covering our plants. Our minor efforts saved us the serious heartbreak of of wilted plants.

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