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Today’s Garden Twenty: Raking, Waking and Shopping

Twenty minutes isn’t much time… which is a great thing! Today it was just enough time to:

  • admire the snowdrops that are blooming in the lilac bed;
  • rake the mulch away from the asparagus so the sun can start stirring them to action;
  • rake the mulch away from the lengthy bed that will be our pea garden.
  • The neighbor who allows us to use her yard is adamant about having a pea garden so we’re taking this opportunity to grow a couple different varieties. My attraction for peas is mostly intellectual. Fresh peas are of course fantastic to eat but the true miracle of them and their ilk is the way they can take nitrogen from the atmosphere and “fix” it into a form that can be assimilated by later plants grown in that same soil. This miracle works best in the presence of a kind of bacteria, usually sold as an “innoculant.” Sounds so high tech, don’t it? I’ll mention this again when we get down to planting the peas in the next couple days. Our neighbor is also a firm believer in the rule that peas need to be planted in March, which is probably a good rule of thumb normally but we just had another 4 inches of snow fall on us last week and it hasn’t yet disappeared from the shadows.

    We also spent a little time away from the garden too by taking a walk up to Downtown Home and Garden for a few supplies. We bought:

  • a big bag of “high traffic” grass seed;
  • three white Trillium Grandiflorum bulbs (This is our THIRD attempt to coax these beauties to grow in our yard! Let’s hope “three’s a charm”);
  • an ounce of bulk pea seed Wando
  • an ounce and a half of pea seed Progress No. Nine
  • an ounce of pea pod seed Dwarf Gray Sugar
  • an ounce and a quarter of bulk pea seed Sugar Snap (registered trademark)
  • a package of edible soybean (Sayamusume edamame) from Seeds of Change;
  • a package of rhizobial bacteria legume innoculant.

  • Have I mentioned how much I hate lawns? I particularly hate them today because half my bill was spent on seed for something I won’t eat. The only way I can calm myself is by remembering that I love to use the grass clippings in compost and as a mulch. So I suppose I “eat” my lawn indirectly.

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