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Composting in Winter

People tend to think of composting as a summer activity, if they think of composting at all. In our 20 minute garden, we are thoroughly committed to composting year ‘round, and it’s among the easiest resolutions to make— far easier than promises to exercise daily or eliminate a bad habit.

Here are my top three reasons for composting:

Caring for the earth. Maybe that sounds a little hokey, but, seriously, every bit of kitchen waste that we compost goes back into the dirt as opposed to into a plastic bag for a couple thousand years. The more we compost, the smaller our weekly garbage output. Composting is just the next simple step up from recycling.
Focusing on nature. One thing I truly appreciate about gardening is that it keeps me in touch with all things green and growing out in our yard during spring, summer, and fall. In stark contrast, winter in Michigan is a very nice time to spend indoors. Composting keeps the life cycle fresh in my mind.
Free fertilizer. Finished compost is an excellent substance to add to your soil. At no cost, you can enrich your soil, making clay soil lighter and light soil richer over time. You can give your seeds and plant sets a head-start.

In my next post, I’ll talk about how very easy it is to begin composting.

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