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Fun with Straw

Upon getting in the backseat of our Honda Civic just the other day, a friend inquired, “What’s with the straw?” He must have noticed the bit and pieces stuck to the blue seats.

I explained the situation. Jim and I had gone to the Dexter Mill to purchase straw for fall mulching in the garden. I swore that two bales would fit in the trunk of the car, even though it is a small car. Jim thought only one would. We bought two. When we drove around to the shed to pick up the straw, it became immediately obvious that Jim was right: only one would fit in the trunk. The other was transported home in the backseat of the car.

Some people might be in a hurry to get the stray straw threads out of the backseat of their car, but I think it adds a certain country character.

straw1.jpgThe real fun with the straw began in the garden. A thick layer of straw on the round center bed will begin to breakdown over the winter and add more organic matter into our soil. When we first spread the straw out, it was bright and golden. This view doesn’t quite capture the shiny factor. On a sunny day, the sun really bounced off the fresh straw. Even on cloudy days, the change in the landscape is striking.

Two bales really don’t cover much. Luckily we scored 5 more bales left over from my brother’s hayride. Fortunately for our car and backseat passengers, he delivered it.

And more fun was had. We were able to cover most of the remaining beds.

We even had some helpers. straw2.jpg

straw3.jpg Our littlest helper discovered that straw, like just everything else, tastes good.

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