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Best (Indoor) Garden Tool

moulin2.JPGIt’s lovely when you discover something that you didn’t know you needed. It’s even nicer when it just magically appears in your home because your husband bought it. Especially when he found it at a yard sale. For only a dollar.

Seriously, we would have paid 35 times that had we known how completely wonderful a tool our food mill would be.

With this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean tool, we can make the easiest tomato sauce in the world. We cut washed ripe tomatoes in half or quarter them if they are large. The tomatoes do not need to be skinned or seeded or have the ends cut off. Completely unnecessary. Trim off any obviously yucky parts however. Put the tomatoes in a large pot and cook them until they begin to fall apart and cook down some, in 30 minutes or so. Then cool them to handling temperature and run them through the food mill. The food mill will push the juice and pulp through and separate out the seeds, skin and whatever else. Then you have tomato juice usually, depending on the moisture content of the tomatoes. You can cook it further to thicken to sauce stage, or cook longer (longer than I usually have the patience for) to make tomato paste.

Want to see a food mill in action? Check out how easy it is here.

If you aren’t lucky enough to find a food mill in your cupboard or score one at a garage sale, you will want to pick one up of your own. Amazon stocks them. Let the tomato saucing begin.

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