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Basil Preservation: Freezing

This is the very easiest way to store the wonderful flavor of basil to enjoy during the winter months. No drying, no processing. Just a few minutes of your time.

jarobasil.JPGYou need a clean glass container ( a wide mouth pint canning jar works well), fresh basil and olive oil. Wash and dry the basil. Pick off all of the leaves. Pack the basil leaves in layers in the glass jar. Pour olive oil over the leaves periodically. Tip and swirl the jar occasionally; you are trying to cover every leaf in olive oil. When the jar is full or you are out of basil, close the jar and store it in the freezer.

The basil will retain the bright green color and the most intense flavor.

When you need a small amount of basil in cooking, you can scrape or chisel a teaspoon or tablespoon out of the frozen mass. If you think ahead, you can let the jar stand at room temperature for a few minutes before you need it, and that makes extraction much easier.

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