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Solar Cooking: Jalapeno Cornbread

We are finally experiencing enough sunny days to make solar cooking fun again.

A couple of weeks ago, I experimented with making cornbread in the solar cooker. I used a Jiffy mix, which is pretty good to start, although not as good as my slightly more involved from scratch recipe. It is, however, mighty quick. Just stir it up, pop it in the solar oven for 6 or so hours, cut and enjoy.

There were a few problems with the resultant cornbread. One was that one side of the round loaf was more “done” than the other. I made a note to rotate the pan in the future, at the same time as I adjusted the cooker to get more sun. The other was that the cornbread was just a little dull.

When I made cornbread yesterday, I reminded myself to turn the pan as well as the cooker. I also added 4 pickled jalapenoes to the batter. That made a wonderful difference. Spicy cornbread isn’t a favorite for everyone in our house, but Jim and I enjoyed it.

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