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Solar Cooking: The Best Brownies

After a week of disappointingly cloudy and rainy and/or cold days, today was absolutely glorious. The sky was clear and blue; the sun shone brightly all day long.

It was an inspiring day for working in the garden and for solar cooking. Since my cupboard was bare of easy short-cut baking mixes, I had a look around a great site for solar cooking, specifically the recipe wiki part of the site. The desserts, as usual, caught my eye and I decided to try the recipe for solar baked brownies. The recipe called for ingredients I had in my kitchen– another sign. I adjusted the baking time from “one hour”, surely California standards, to my usual Michigan “as long as it’s sunny” period. Again, you can’t burn food when solar cooking so go for it.

These solar baked brownies were a hit. They were utterly delicious and close to my ideal of chewy brownies. The ease of preparation was another big plus. We’ll be making them again soon.

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