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Day #15 & 16 – Grass Cutting (Again??)

And so it begins, the suburban arms race. Just last week, the couple across the street was struggling away with their rotary push mower and now, I hear the growl of a gas-powered monster from their yard. And part of what I’m feeling is that sense of remorse that my lawn will no longer be the only cut and vacuumed one on the block. Yup, we live on a block where the status quo, more or less, has been ragged lawns, hacked by hand-powered mowers. I’d be surprised to learn that many folks use weed and feed. I’m certain only few use an edger. It sounds quaint, like a little cul de sac of the 1940’s. Did I contribute to it’s destruction? What a weird variety of buyer’s remorse.

Regardless, the lawn needed cutting again today. And I am particularly glad to tell you that Jan did it! It really should count as several days worth of work: maybe 20 minutes for the front yard, 20 minutes for the lady next door’s yard and 15 or so for the back yard. But then again the time spent doing the yard next door might not really “count.”

The harvest of clippings was less that last week, but I was able to mulch all the planted beds with them.

And the yard looks just spectacular. Magazine cover good!

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