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Day #9 – Green Thumbs & Sore Backs

Do not be mistaken: gardening is work. Some gardening is even a workout.

I am not a specimen that could be described as being in “peak physical condition.” If I need to present evidence of this, let me submit the uncharacteristic aches and pains that I awoke with this morning.

Digging a new bed, for instance, is real work, obvious work, the kind of work where you crack a sweat, fill and refill a water glass, even rest with elbow on the handle of the spade from time to time to reflect on how much work you’ve accomplished… and how much more there is to be done. The style of gardening Jan and I do doesn’t call for much of this kind of work.

But even the casual work that Jan and I do requires physical exertion. There is stretching, reaching, pulling on muscles that perhaps haven’t been moved exactly like that since last year’s gardening. And that often results in these aches. It’s relatively pleasant, this kind of pain, since it’s an echo of good pleasant work.

Except when it isn’t.

If something hurts, really hurts, stop. In the least, rest up a couple days. When you start up again, go easily. If necessary, see a professional.

The weeds will still be there when you’re feeling better.

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