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I Want to Live in Lee Valley

One of the few mail order catalogs whose arrival causes a stir of excitement at our house comes from the Lee Valley company. Lee Valley also offers hardware, woodworking and gifts but our biggest thrill is their gardening catalog. Practical, innovative, and beautiful objects fill their pages. It’s not fancy stuff but simply fabulous. I challenge you to flip through the catalog and not find something you must have!


This is where we got our stainless steel kitchen compost bucket, our pound-in bed trim, our Victorian-style glass wasp trap, our disposable fruit fly traps, and lots more. More items wait on our wishlist for future orders.



The items I’ve purchased from the catalog and seen in their stores are of very good quality. When we visited the store in London, Ontario 2 summers ago, an employee told us that the company was founded by Mr Lee, who was disappointed with the quality of the tools he was able to procure. He decided to start his own company selling the best things for gardening and woodworking. I recommend them highly!

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