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Solar Cooking: Pudding Cake

Here is a short-cut recipe to a yummy dessert.

I was feeling a bit lazy so I started with a Jiffy Devil’s Food Cake Mix. This is just the right size for making a small cake. With the mix in the bowl, I added a small box of instant chocolate pudding mix, 1 egg, and a tablespoon of oil. Mix to get out most of the big lumps. Spread the mix in the bottom of a pre-cooking sprayed round pan.

Cooking a cake will take 5 or 6 hours of a sunny day. Try not too peek when solar cooking because you are letting the heat out of the pan every time you do. Plus you cannot burn your food so leave it alone.

The cake will turn out very moist and rich. You can eat it warm out of the pan because there’s not much cooling needed. Also, the cake does not set up exactly like a traditional oven baked cake, so expect a softer style of dessert.

And plan to use a spoon.

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