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Solar Cooking: Potatoes

Solar cooking with potatoes requires an early start on a sunny day. Preparation is so easy however that you can have these babies out in the cooker in a matter of minutes.

Wash 4 or 5 potatoes. I usually pick the small ones and those of about the same size, if I can. Place them in the cooking pot. If you wish, you can add a small peeled and quartered onion. Or you might try a clove or two of garlic. If you are feeling mighty adventurous, you could add both. You can also dress them up with a teaspoon or your favorite herb(s) sprinkled over the contents. Cover. Bake. Eat. That’s it.

As said, potatoes need a long stretch in the solar cooker. I aim for at least 6 hours. The final result is a moist and tender potato, sort of a baked potato with a tenderer skin. Dress them up with butter and they are completely delicious.

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